The types and methods of e-marketing

June 23, 2019 0 By HADDYOUY

E-marketing is one type of marketing that takes place through the means of modern technology such as the Internet, Smartphone, computer, and tablet.

The importance of electronic marketing has increased in recent years due to the increase in the number of Internet users and their passion for modern technology in addition to the development of modern technology.

At present, a large number of Internet users are using the Internet to find information or search for a product and buy it, so we must use all means of e-marketing to target this category.

In this topic we will talk about the types and methods of e-marketing, which helps in delivering the product to consumers.

Marketing through forums: The service or product is published in specialized forums related to the service.

E-Mail Marketing: E-Mail Marketing is done by compiling the mailing list of interested people and sending them promotional messages.

Marketing through e-mail is one of the best methods of e-marketing because of its low cost and targeting of the required category, and easy to track using the tracking software and ease of publication.

Phone Marketing: Collect customer numbers and send them a product announcement via whatsapp, for example.

Marketing through site optimization in search engines: Site optimization in search engines is by targeting the keywords in the website so that they appear in the search engines in the first order.

This type of e-marketing is less expensive than paid ads such as Google ads and Yahoo ads.

Marketing through Social Media Marketing: Marketing is done by paid advertising on social sites like Face book, Twitter and YouTube.

Social media marketing is more effective in communicating with a large group of users.

Marketing through Social Media Optimization: is to publish publications and follow-ups and get fans of corporate pages or sites or blogs on the social sites.