The role of law in our lives

June 25, 2019 0 By cosmos

The role of law in our lives

  • Law:

Law is a set of general rules governing the behavior of individuals within society, which are necessarily linked to punitive regulations for violators. The law often defines the legislative power of Parliament or the House of Representatives of each country. The law is subject to a series of amendments from time to time due to several factors; Such as changing the circumstances of individuals’ lives, the political and security changes, the futility of previous laws, and the law is of great importance in our lives, we will talk about in this article.

  • The importance of law in the lives of individuals:
  • Organize the relationship of individuals to each other:

The law regulates the relationship between the seller and the merchant with the consumer public, the relationship of the official institutions with the citizens, in addition to determining the limits of each individual in dealing with the other. For example, one can not overwhelm another’s right or deprive him of the right to express his opinion.

  • Maintain security and stability:

Without laws, people’s lives will be transformed into a jungle where the strong will prevail over the weak, the rights will be lost and the lives of people will become like the forest. In the case of laws, rights will be reserved and returned to their owners, the killings and the violations will disappear.

  • Developing communities and nations:

The mission of the law is not only to regulate people’s lives or to manage them, but rather to pay them for the better. This will ensure the development of all countries in all their facilities and fields, and make them the first ranks of world powers, whether economically or developmentally or militarily and educationally.

  • Some characteristics of the law:
  • Inclusiveness and Compulsion:

The law is comprehensive for all areas of life. The law does not deal with one aspect other than the other, such as the enactment of tax laws and conditions of sale. On the opposite side, the educational areas are excluded from legislation and laws. In addition, the law applies to all individuals regardless of their degree of employment or social status. The law should be above everyone else.

  • Abstraction:

Laws are not drafted on the basis of certain conditions that suggest racial discrimination, for example, whether on the basis of religion, sex or race.

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